​Over the weekend there will be hours of cruising, so spectators can jump in their mates car, and cruise the track alongside hundreds of likeminded petrolheads… that’s what Powercruise is about after all… doing all the things you’re not allowed to do anywhere else! However there are a few special requirements all passengers should be aware of.


All passengers who want to get on track in the cruising sessions MUST be at least 13 years of age and each passenger must have an Official Powercruise Passenger Wristband. Official Powercruise Passenger Wristbands are available at The Powercruise Merchandise Stand at the event.


All passengers must complete the Powercruise Passenger Waiver Form and pay the $5 fee, once this is done Powercruise Staff will issue you a Powercruise Passenger Wristband. Please read carefully below below to ensure you meet the requirements:

  • All Persons 18yrs of age and older MUST provide Photo ID and fill out and sign the indemnity form, and pay the $5 fee and a Passenger Wristband will be provided.

  • No matter your age, No Photo ID = No passenger wristband.

  • Persons 13 years of age and over, but younger than 18 years of age, must have photo ID and a PARENT present to sign the indemnity form on their behalf. Powercruise staff needs to sight both the parent’s and the child’s photo ID which must also show the child’s date of birth. Powercruise staff may also request to sight the other ID listing both the Parents and Childs Names as proof of relationship.

  • Powercruise reserve the right to request further identification or documentation if the requirements are not satisfied.


Powercruise staff will only accept the legal parent to sign on behalf of a minor to be a passenger – we will NOT accept other family members, day carers/guardians, neighbours, family friends etc. Passenger wristbands can only be issued on the day at Powercruise. We do not accept notes, letters or permission via phone from parents if they cannot attend - Both the Parent and the Minor must be present at the event at the same time to complete the paperwork under the instruction of a Powercruise Staff Member.


Persons 12 years of age and younger are unfortunately too young and cannot be a passenger in a vehicle at Powercruise.


Admission is Free for Kids 12 & Under Powercruise Passenger Rules & Requirements are not flexible or negotiable. Passenger Wristbands do not entitle that person to drive. Event Admission is additional to Passenger Wristband $5 Fee. Passengers are not permitted to ride in cars during the competition driving events, only during the cruise sessions.


Helmets and safety gear is not required to ride in a car during the cruise sessions, but passengers are required to wear a seatbelt at all times. All passengers must be suitably restrained to the satisfaction of Powercruise Staff and Officials.


All Passenger Wristbands are issued at the discretion of Powercruise Staff and Powercruise Staff reserve the right to decline or retract passenger’s wristbands at their discretion at any time. Passenger wristbands must be kept on for the duration of your time at the Powercruise Event.


Any cut or tampered wristbands are null and void and will be confiscated without discussion. Passenger sign on will also be available at the Powercruise Accreditation Office at the event for any parents that are attending just to sign their child up, the accreditation office is located outside the venue so this can be done without parents having to go into the event and pay admission.


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