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As it says on the entry form we require a photo of all cars entering into each Powercruise event, this applies to both Registered & Unregistered Cars.


You can either print out your photos and mail them with your entry form, or you can fill out your details in the form below, upload your pictures and submit them to us. Using this online form is our preferred method of sending us your car pictures.

Submit your photos by emailing

Once you have submitted your photos to us you will receive an auto reply email so you know we have got your pictures. We will contact you if there is a problem or if we need more info, so if you don’t hear from us after the auto-reply email that is a good thing! That means your car is OK to enter Powercruise!

If you have problems submitting your pictures here and it doesn’t work, you can email the pictures to us at, just make sure you have all of the info on your email that we request above. Please be mindful of the size of the images you send us.


Every entrant is required to submit a photo of the entered car with their entry form, or email to All entrants must provide a photograph of the entered vehicle (even if one was sent for previous Powercruise® event). Entrants who do not provide a photograph may be rejected at the Safety Inspection process. The photos may be used for publicity purposes - on our website, posters, flyer and magazines etc. and will not be returned. NOTE: by entering this event you agree that Powercruise® Promotions may use photographs or video footage taken of yourself or your vehicle during the event for publicity purposes included DVD production, television commercials or for future Powercruise® events.

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