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The Program is provided to give an indication of what events are on when and where.


Entrants, in order to get the most from their Powercruise experience should read this program thoroughly as being in the right place at the right time will gain you more cruising time and have you ready for the events when they come up.


​In the case of any weather interruptions, we will simply adjust the program to suit what looks to be coming our way, we will endeavour to keep to the program as much as possible however if its raining heavily, we will stop all track activities and wait for the rain to finish. If the rain is falling lightly, we will either put cruise cars on the track to dry out the track or we’ll send out the drifters as it always seems everyone has an extra 100hp when the roads are wet and its is certainly entertaining to watch them keep it on the bitumen. 

The program is subject to change without notice so please listen for PA updates at the events for any scheduling changes. Please note cruising sessions may be cut short if there not enough cars on track.

 2024 July PC#18 Program - COMING SOON


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