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Safety Inspection For ALL Entrant Vehicles

Cars entered into Powercruise must be in a good presentable standard, Powercruise is a car show after all! 

This means cars need to be complete inside and out (includes a bonnet, front and rear bumper bars and tidy presentable interior), and be fully painted (no undercoat), and no mis-matched panels. 

*One mismatched panel won't be an issue - we understand life happens but it is a car show after all - so Presentation Matters!

All Entrant vehicles must go through a Safety Inspection before being given access to the track.

The Safety Inspection will take place in the lanes in front of the Accreditation Office. Once the car has been inspected, you will receive a SAFETY INSPECTION PASSED sticker which will be added to your official Entrant sticker. This means your car now has access to participate in the Powercruise track activities.

Acceptance is at the promoters discretion, if you are unsure if your car meets the standards please scroll up and submit your car images via email with plenty of good clear quality photos and information about the car.  It is the entrants/participants responsibility to ensure their car meets or exceeds the advertised requirements for the event.

  • Basic safety checks of the vehicle including: Brake Lights, A legal amount of tread on the tires, Battery Clamps, No Fuel or Oil Leaks, All Wheel Nuts Secured Firmly, Front & Rear Brakes (exceptions for Burnout Only Entries)

  • All vehicles must have at least 2 seats (Driver & Passenger seat)

  • Cars must have 4 wheels. 

  • Open wheel style vehicles MUST be road registered/registered to drive on public roads.

  • Seatbelts must be fitted and in good working order. A seatbelt is compulsory for all drivers & passengers going out on to the track. NO EXCEPTIONS. If your car didn’t come with seat belts and you haven’t had any fitted, it won’t be allowed on track.

  • Noise emission must not exceed 95dBa. (Exceptions do apply to some cars, please call for info) while noise is generally not an issue unless there is a complaint, we do ask that all cars run some form of exhaust/mufflers

  • No holes in firewall

  • No body damage or structural rust.

  • Windscreens must be in a road legal condition

  • The starting of any vehicles engines using primer bottles (bottle of fuel squirting into the induction system of an engine) of any kind is strictly prohibited. Anyone who need to start their car this way will have to redesign their car to start without a primer bottle

  • Powercruise recommends against the use of wheel spacers and/or similar products

  • Powercruise recommends the owner/driver of any convertible cars has/uses roll over protection

  • Powercruise recommends a Fire Extinguisher securely mounted within the vehicle cabin

  • Powercruise recommends all vehicles be fitted with an accessible tow point

  • Powercruise recommends all vehicles have a tail shaft restraint fitted (tail shaft must not be able to fall onto the track surface).  Two piece tail shaft and center bearing are also acceptable.

  • All Entrants/Drivers/Vehicles are accepted at the discretion of the promoter.

  • All Vehicles will a roll cage must comply with our roll cage padding requirements.

    • If your car has a roll cage and you wish to take 3 passengers in the back, all 3 back seat passengers must be fitted with a Lap Sash seatbelt – that is, a seatbelt that secures you across your waist and from across your shoulder. 

    • If your car has a roll cage and only the 2 seats on the side of the car are fitted with Lap Sash seatbelts, then you’re OK to cruise with passengers in those seats only. 

    • If your car has a roll cage and only the middle seat is fitted with Lap Sash seatbelts, then you’re OK to cruise with a passenger in that seat only.  

    • If your car has a roll cage and your seats in the rear have LAP Belts only, then no one is permitted in the rear of the car.

    • Download Roll Cage Padding Diagram


Safety Requirements for Competition Events:

  • Neck to wrist to ankle non-flammable type clothing, an Approved helmet & enclosed footwear. (NO NYLON CLOTHING). Full Face Helmet recommended.

  • Enclosed Footwear is required for all track activities, Cruise Sessions and Driving Events

  • No hub caps, wheel trims or wheel weights

  • Tires must be in good condition. No recapped tires or re-treads. (Re-grooved slicks are permitted)

  • There must be no loose objects in the vehicle or boot space.

  • No Passengers permitted in competitive events (unless otherwise specified)

**Recommended items can and may be made mandatory at any time without notice

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