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If you are coming to Powercruise, and you are not registering to be a driver, then you are going to need a Spectator Ticket to come in and watch, camp and even sign up to ride along.  Spectator ticket prices and options are below. KIDS 12 & UNDER ARE FREE all weekend!

Passenger Sign on requirements are in the Rules, Terms and Conditions section of our website, please take a moment to read over them to avoid disappointment.  Passenger Sign On Fee is $10, additional to your admission.




If you are staying overnight within the fence line of BIR, you must purchase a camping ticket. This applies no matter where or what you are sleeping/staying in.

Spectator Tickets are non-refundable, nor are they transferable to another event or date. So please choose carefully
Ticket Options, Prices & Availability subject to change without notice

America Spectator - Updated 3 Day No Camping.jpg
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