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So you want to enter to drive your car at Powercruise, well you need to complete an entry form/registration form to enter the event.  You must be 18+ and hold a valid drivers licence

You can complete the online entry form, pay via credit or debit card (Mastercard or visa only), then submit the form to us. 

We now have a fully automatic online entry form where you can submit your entry, process your credit card transaction all in one place, to make entering Powercruise faster and easier for everyone! 


When entering online, please DO NOT Refresh your page or press Back at any stage, and do not press submit more than once - or you may submit your entry and charge your credit card multiple times.

Once you have submitted your online entry form you will receive an automated purchase invoice on email, and attached to that email will be your official Powercruise Entrant Letter.  VIP Entrants will be sent their Entrant Confirmation Letter from our office so it will come a bit later for our VIP Entrants.

The Entry Forms must be completed in full and One Entry Form per driver is required. If you want another driver to drive your car, they must then complete and pay for an additional Entry Form to be able to drive your car at Powercruise. 

All Powercruise Entrants must submit a picture of your car either along with your mailed form and payment or simply e-mail it to but we also ask you to copy and paste this info and complete it as well in your e-mail so I can match up the details.  When e-mailing car pictures please send this info as well.  ​Your full name, Address, Vehicle Registration/License plate, & Cell Number

Attach 4 photos please. 1 front outside of car, 1 side outside of car, 1 interior, 1 engine bay. Please make sure they are good clear current photos.  We can only make a determination based upon the photos you send us.

Pictures that are mailed to us will not be returned.  Once you have e-mailed your pictures you will receive a reply letting you know if there may be some issues with your car or simply saying thank you for sending the pictures to us.  If there is a question about the car we will get back to you immediately.

All Unregistered cars MUST send pictures of your car to Powercruise before being allowed to attend the event.

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