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Powercruise is generally for registered cars simply because we would expect the cars to be at a road worthy standard however f your car is purely a track car we do accept unregistered cars depending on the situation.


If your car is supercharged or has a roll cage or any other out of this world modifications that wouldn’t allow it to be run on the streets, then yes this qualifies. If you have an awesome looking street machine that can be registered but isn’t due to affordability or time constraints, then yes this also qualifies. If you have a drag car or circuit race car that has a minimum of 2 front seats with applicable seat belts and working brake lights and an exhaust that runs at least to the diff with some sort of mufflers, then yes this is what we often allow so long as the car is presentable and the crowd will like to see it.

If you have a backyard thrasher with a v8 in it with exhausts exiting through the hood or anything with pipes straight out of the headers and no interior, then this example does not qualify for unregistered entry into Powercruise.

So you can see we look at all situations on their own merit so if you think your car qualifies for unregistered entry into Powercruise, please e-mail us your details, the reasoning behind why the car is unregistered and make sure you send at least 4 pictures as show above in the entry section please. This will help in making the decision quicker and easier. The e-mail address to send the pictures of your unregistered car to is

Please ensure you send this information before you send your entry form. All enquiries will receive a response and if your application has been accepted, we will send you a confirmation email that you will need to attach to your entry form when you send it. If you’re not sure either way, you can of course call us here at the Powercruise Office on 1-800-701-3188 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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