2020 Event Updates

POWERCRUISE USA UPDATE: Please observe all Event Updates as well as the information on this page BEFORE buying tickets of any kind. Updates can also be found on our facebook Page "Powercruise USA".

It is important everyone is aware, there will be some unforeseen or unexpected changes before and at the event, your patience and co-operation is appreciated. If you wish to attend you MUST book online before the event.

Please note online bookings may close at anytime without notice, please do not leave booking/buying your tickets to the last minute as you may miss out!



Update as of July 10

Hi Powercruisers
I have been in discussions with Kristi at the BIR for a while now, working to still make Powercruise work however a few things need to fall into place for me

You would have noticed we haven’t been actively promoting Powercruise because we weren’t sure what was going to happen, we have been very closely monitoring the situation and working hard to find ways to still have an event - however the virus causes a lot of uncertainty and unexpected changes. We have only received 270 registrations and unfortunately because I had to get special permission to leave Australia to go to America to run my business, which has been a timely process which was just approved yesterday.

Australian airlines are not operating internationally so we have to get on an American airline that comes to Australia and is returning virtually empty therefore a plane seat costs are far higher than usual to get to LA return and I need to bring at least two people myself and one other so my costs are exorbitant now - so we simply can't bring the whole Aussie crew you are used to.

Kristi at BIR has offered more assistance than I thought was possible and we are looking at doing a deal whereby she supplies some critical stuff I need but the bottom line is 2 things need to happen

We need to receive minimum 600 total pre-registered entrants as we will not be able to take any new entrants on the day as we will not have the staff to manage that, so all entrants will need to be pre-registered. BIR also has a rule where they’re not allowed to have spectators so therefore pre-registered entrants need to buy crew passes for their friends who will need to be camped with them in the group

I need this to happen and re need to reach 800 before Sunday 19th July. If we reach 800 with everyone’s support then I can book a flight and leave Australia on the 25th July which gives me only 1 week to prep but I’ve been doing this for 18 years now so I’m pretty good at it and with the awesome support from Kristi and the team at BIR we can all hopefully look forward to NOT MISSING OUT ON POWERCRUISE

Please read between the lines. You cannot buy entrant tickets at the gate on the day. You also cannot buy spectator tickets at the gate on the day. You need to buy “Support Crew” tickets from the Powercruise website

If everyone gets onto this and spreads it around but y’all need to move quick. If we don’t get 600 total registrations in time we will simply push the refund button and refund everyone and say we tried our best.

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UPDATE FOR 2020 EVENT  as outlined in our event updates and the pop up notice on this website, the Entry on the Day option that we usually offer WILL NOT be available at Powercruise USA 2020

We offer pre-entry online leading up to the event however entries will close 7-10 days prior to the event so we can prepare all of the paperwork before the event. But don't worry, if you didn't pre-register online, YES YOU CAN REGISTER TO ENTER INTO THE EVENT AT THE GATE WHEN YOU ARRIVE!  Please take a moment to check the event schedule for registrations hours.

If you are entering on the day, please bring YOURSELF, YOUR CAR, YOUR VALID DRIVERS LICENSE & CASH PAYMENT PLEASE (sorry we cannot accept checks)

Then just see our staff to complete your paperwork and get your entry processed for the weekend ahead!