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Miss Powercris car gils

The Queen of Power, Powercruise has traveled and now you can be a part of that legacy.   Miss Powercruise is NOT a bikini contest, in fact its the opposite!

Miss Powercruise is for the real car girls, we want to know why you love cars and why you love Powercruise.  s it the raw horsepower, the social experience, the Cruising with your friends and family?  Or are you the coolest girl on the block that every car guy dreams of?  If you think you have what it takes, come on out and show us that you are ready to be Miss Powercruise USA! 

To be a Miss Powercruise Contestant, you must be 18+ and provide picture ID when you register at Powercruise. No bikini's or swimwear.

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